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    My Family Reads!

    It’s World Book Day today and we would love you to share what you and your family are reading! As part of the celebrations of this special day, i- Learner participants will be rewarded with 500 coins, simply by reading a book and submitting a one-minute video telling watchers all about it.

    Through joining this event, you can help instil a passion for reading in people, not only in Hong Kong, but also around the world. Just record your family reading together and upload the video or audio file by following the steps below.

    First, find something fun and interesting to read. There’s so much to choose from! This could be an excerpt from one of your favourite books, a passage, a poem or an article. Then, read it together with your family for double the fun! After that, you can:

    1. Discuss what you have read with your family, pick a part to read together and record it
    2. Upload your video or audio here Open file directory__________ upload
    3. Name for your video

    High-quality videos and audio files will be shared on the i-Learner Facebook page, as well as that of Hong Kong Reads!

    Alternatively, you share your video through your Facebook account and upload a screen capture of it by:
    1. logging into Facebook
    2. uploading your video on the i-Learner and Hong Kong Reads pages’ comment boxes https://www.facebook.com/HongKongReads/
    3. naming your video
    4. using the hashtags #HKReads and #Reading@MyFamily
    5. making a screen capture of your Facebook post and uploading it here via this link: Open file directory__________ upload

    World Book Day is for everyone, and it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate our love for reading with our friends, family and local community, so please join us in the fun.

    We look forward to watching what your family is reading!

    Hong Kong Reads April 2019

    “閱讀之家” 世界閱讀日2019



    1. 用手機記錄下你們的閱讀分享或讀後感
    2. 在此處上傳您的短片或音頻打開文件目錄___________上傳
    3. 為你的短片或音頻命名


    1. 登入Facebook賬戶
    2. 將屬於你的閱讀心得或讀後感分享到i-Learner及Hong Kong Reads 的相關貼文下
    3. 在上載之前,記得加上 #HKReads 和 #Reading@MyFamily
    4. 最後,上傳你的屏幕截圖到此處:打開文件目錄___________上傳,以獲得500金幣獎勵!


    快來與我們分享你的閱讀心得吧! 香港齊閱讀 2019年4月