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    Our Mission

    We strive to cultivate reading habits, inspire learning, and empower the future generation to reach their full potential.

    Our Vision

    We see reading as a valuable way of empowerment and an enjoyable experience. We aim to bring reading into the life of every student in Hong Kong.

    Why It Matters

    Reading is an excellent way to improve students’ language capabilities and to inspire learning. A consistent reading habit starting from a young age would add up and benefit the student tremendously in the future.

    Who We Are

    Hong Kong Reads is a non-profit organisation in partnership with i-Learner of Nebula Group Limited, the University of Hong Kong's School of English, the Oxford University Press, Scholastic and South China Morning Post.

    How We Do It

    • We organize a wide variety of events including reading seminars, competitions and charity sales in cooperation with reputable organizations.
    • We organize school campaigns to promote reading among students.
    • We provide tutoring and resources support to underprivileged students.
    • We provide recommendations for good reads to students.
    • We offer lectures, discussions, and recommendations by experts in the fields of interest.