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    Campaign summary

    The English Reading Campaign is the centrepiece of Hong Kong Reads' efforts this year. Co-organised with i-Learner of Nebula Group Limited, it is a yearlong project in which we, along with our partners, provide secondary school students with the expertise and resources to encourage reading amongst their peers. On top of this, we will arrange a series of school-based talks and activities designed to show students how reading can be a meaningful part of their everyday lives and how it can also contribute to their development as an individual.

    The campaign is unique in that it motivates students to influence and inspire their peers to read while also helping them to develop valuable leadership skills. It promotes books not only as required classroom reading, but also as tools the students chose to enrich appreciation of their interests, broaden their horizons and pave the way for their lifelong learning. With this in mind, student participants will be leaders who present books and encourage reading to their peers.

    The campaign will mobilise the participation of top professionals in these fields through book recommendations, lectures and discussion forums. Acting as a source of inspiration and motivation, they will help students to see how reading can contribute to their success in their respective fields.