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    ‘Share the Love of Reading’
    World Book Day 2021

    To celebrate World Book Day on 23 April, i-Learner invites you to share your love of reading by making a one-minute video about your favourite book to recommend it to other i-Learner users.

    Content: The video must be about your favourite book and why you want to recommend it to others. You may talk about an interesting character, a memorable scene in the book or any other creative ideas.
    Language: Chinese or English
    Number of submissions: Each student can submit a maximum of THREE videos; those who submit more than three videos will not receive any rewards.
    Submission requirements: 1. The length of the video must be no shorter than 30 seconds and no longer than 3 minutes.
    2. The video format must be MOV, MPEG4, MP4 or WMV.
    Rewards: Students whose video(s) has/have passed the preliminary screening will be awarded Buddy Community coins within two weeks after the end of the activity. Each video submission will be awarded 500 Buddy Community coins. Each user account may receive up to 1500 Buddy Community coins.
    *Please make sure you enter the correct user information to facilitate the award arrangements. If you are enrolled in more than one i-Learner platform, the coins will be sent to your Reading i-Learner account first.
    Submission process: Please name your video as ‘World Book Day 2021_(your name)_(book name)’, upload the video to this form and submit it. Example: World Book Day 2021_Chan Tai Man_Bugbug’s Library
    Deadline: 31 March 2021

    i-Learner will select the most amazing and creative videos and share them on i-Learner’s YouTube channel and social media. Let’s discover more books to love and have lots of reading fun together!

    Hong Kong Reads March 2021

    「閱讀知趣」 世界閱讀日2021


    影片內容: 影片須關於一本你喜愛的書,可包括書中一個你最喜歡的角色或一個令你印象深刻的情景,亦可加入其他創意元素
    語言: 中文或英文
    提交影片數量: 每位同學最多可提交三段影片,提交超過三段影片者將不獲任何獎勵
    要求: 1. 影片長度不得短過30秒或長過3分鐘
    2. 影片格式必須為MOV、MPEG4、MP4 或WMV檔案
    獎勵: 影片通過初選的同學會於活動完結後兩星期內獲得書蟲社區金幣獎勵;每一段獲通過初選的影片可獲500個金幣獎賞,而同一個用戶只能領取最多三次金幣獎賞。
    *請確保用戶資料填寫正確,以便安排金幣發放。如同學訂購兩個或以上的i-Learner平台,金幣將優先發送到Reading i-Learner平台。
    提交流程: 請把影片命名為「世界閱讀日2021_(同學姓名)_(書名)」,上傳影片並提交。
    例子: 世界閱讀日2021_陳大文_何博博圖書館
    截止日期: 2021年3月31日

    香港齊閱讀 2021年3月