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    The Hong Kong Reads ‘Reading@MyFamily’ Campaign 2019

    The long-lasting benefits of reading enrich a child’s learning journey and shape their future. Reading improves students’ command of language and develops their imagination, while boosting their concentration and academic success. Despite the importance of cultivating a daily reading habit from a young age, it can be a challenge to achieve at times. Language barriers can make reading daunting for children and, as a busy parent, it might be hard to lend a helping hand. However, reading consistently is actually easier than you may think!

    Reading for just 10 minutes a day can make all the difference in children’s knowledge acquisition. This year, Hong Kong Reads would like to help you and your children achieve this goal on 23rd April 2019 which is the celebration of World Book Day. These are some of the many fun and easy ways to instil a passion for reading:

    • Spare 10 minutes on Hong Kong Book Day (23.04.2019) - and then at least three times a week - to read with your children. It doesn’t have to happen just during weekends and at bedtime; you can read with children anywhere and at any time.
    • Make a good use of your neighbourhood’s public library and help your child with choosing a book that they’re interested in. Take turns reading, ask each other questions about the text and even act out some parts of the book, making it family fun for all!
    • Hong Kong Reads would love to know what you’re reading and why you like it, so please share these books and stories on Facebook using the hashtags #HKReads and #Reading@MyFamily to tell everyone about your reading adventures!